Leading Couch Reupholstering in Newton, MA

Instead of finding a replacement, consider investing in my top-quality furniture repair. Since 1979, Cannon’s Specialized Upholstery Repair has offered superior furniture and upholstery restoration craftsmanship. From chair repair to couch reupholstering in Newton, MA, I help customers restore the beauty and functionality of cherished heirlooms.  


Old Furniture Repair

My services are perfect for homeowners looking to preserve the sentimental value of their furniture. With excellent attention to detail and tools, I match the original style and fabric as closely as possible or use a new one, ensuring the piece retains its charm and exceeds its lifespan. From vintage sofas to antique armchairs, I specialize in making old, damaged furniture new again.  

Restaurant Upholstery Restoration

High-traffic environments like restaurants require durable and stylish upholstery. I offer top-notch upholstery repair in Newton and the surrounding areas tailored to exceed the specific demands of a commercial setting. From high-quality fabrics to padding that withstands constant use, I deliver furniture that provides comfort for customers and matches the restaurant’s aesthetics.  

Ask me about my booth, bar stool, and dining chair restoration skills today. I have over 45 years of experience in upholstery restoration in the Newton and Boston areas, bringing furniture back to its original state.