Furniture Upholstery Repair in Newton, MA

These days, mass-produced and cheaply made furnishings have become a common sight in many stores. This unfortunate circumstance has made long-lasting, quality furniture that meets your standards a rare commodity. However, fully enjoying top-of-the-line furniture means subjecting it to regular wear and tear and gradually robbing it of its beauty.

Instead of throwing away your worn-out furniture, breathe new life into it by turning to me, Paul Cannon of Cannon’s Specialized Upholstery Repair. I have extensive experience in all aspects of furniture upholstery repair. Newton, MA, customers and those in the surrounding areas appreciate how I can fix all types of furniture, such as the following:

  • Couches
  • Sofas
  • Chairs
  • Dining Seats
  • Ottomans
  • Footstools
  • Headboards
  • Restaurant Booths
  • Medical Clinic Furniture
  • Restaurant Banquette Seating
  • Leather re-dying restoration
  • Pet damage furniture repair
  • I resolve difficult situations

I also provide money-saving sofa fabric repair, leather re-dying and restoration, and pet-damaged furniture repair. Medical clinics, in particular, can save two-thirds of the cost of purchasing new furniture by replacing and repairing patient room furniture.

Medical clinics can save two-thirds of the cost of purchasing new furniture by replacing and repairing patient room furniture

I Bring the Past to Life

Your favorite furniture pieces are likely to have some sentimental value to you. They could also date back generations if they were passed down through your family. Make these special chairs, couches, and other heirlooms look new again with my furniture upholstery repair services.

Travel to Your Location

I understand that transporting prized furniture can be daunting. Spare yourself from this inconvenience by choosing my re-upholstery service. I can come to your home or office for upholstery repairs and restorations. 

Leather Couch 3

Get in Touch

Contact Cannon’s Specialized Upholstery Repair today to schedule an appointment and request an estimate for my furniture upholstery repair services. Whether you want to improve the appearance of your clinic waiting room or living room furniture, I have you covered.

Contact us to learn more about how can I keep your furniture looking like new. I am proudly serve residential and commercial customers in Newton Highlands and Boston, MA, and the surrounding areas.